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Welcome to the new Timeshift website!!

July 30, 2014

Welcome to the new and improved Timeshift Website! Be sure to have a look around and check out our amazing Products and Services.

Best In-Class Support

Our support team are always there when you need them! They are available through Phone, Email, or Remote Support!

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Consulting & Coaching

Our Consulting and Coaching services can help you increase and maintain a healthy bottom-line.

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Practice Management Software

OPES is our next generation of practice management. Developed based on 20+ years of experience of working with dental professionals. You asked, we delieved!

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It's Time Dental Software started working FOR you...
Not AGAINST you!

Timeshift Solutions are a provider of innovative, user-friendly, affordable Dental Practice Management Software. We've taken 25+ years of experience in the Dental Industry and with it have created a Practice Management Software that truly does work for your practice.

We mandated to not follow in others footsteps with OPES by just "band-aiding" a fix so that our software would be compatible with new technology. We invested many painstaking hours building a brand new system from the ground up to work efficiently with new technologies. We knew this would take longer for us to get to market and that their would be some growing pains along the way. The end result was a user experience that is easy to learn and most importantly, fun to use!

Our Dental Practice Management Software goes hand-in-hand with our Unbeatable Customer Service! Our Support staff work directly with our clients to resolve their issues quickly and efficiently. Our response times are some of the best in the business but our genuine interest in your satisfaction is where we truly shine. Our clients are not just a client to us, you are part of a large family and we always do everything we can to help family!

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